• How to… make bunting

    Posted on February 6, 2012 by in Tutorial

    The first tutorial is about beautiful bunting, not wanting to teach a grandma how to suck eggs but I’m going to keep it relatively simple and easy. If I can make 50 metres for our wedding in a few evenings then anybody can fit a bit of bunting time in their lives. Or you can of course contact us to make you some, which can even combine some of your own fabric personal to you…

    1. My fave part – choose the colour scheme and fabrics, for our wedding we chose charcoal and aqua but you can use as many or little colours as you like, and it’s also a good way to use up scraps or left over bits of fabric.

    2. Choose a size and then cut out a template, this can be done from recycled cardboard or paper. Think about where you are hanging your bunting; you can do small bunting for cots or large bunting for hanging in rooms or outside. I used triangles but can can use rectangles or other shapes if you prefer. Another example of fab bunting, which has been seen at a small pram size to larger than life at Camp Besitval is from the fab Ruby Shoes Rocks.

    3. Cut out lots or a few triangles depending on your appetite for a challenge or overall length in mind, remember you will need to double your triangles if you want similar bunting to the ones shown, alternatively you could save yourself some time and just use single triangles (skip to step 7.)

    4. Choose 2 triangles and put them together with right sides facing each other (they don’t have to be matching fabric, in fact I think they look more quirky if they’re different.) If you want to at this stage you can applique onto some of the triangles before sewing together – for our wedding I added our initials or letters to spell out words such as love – there is a fab picture of us and my parents with bunting above us that says love!

    5. Sew down the 2 longest (angled) sides.

    6. Turn the sewn triangles inside out and iron (it’s best to choose cotton or fabrics that will iron easily.)

    7. Choose your ribbon or bias binding and cut to required length, don’t forget to add some extra for fixing/tying it in place.

    8. Fold ribbon etc in half and iron.

    9. Sew down the edge of the ribbon with the top of the fabric triangles inside, make sure you leave enough space before the triangles to allow you to hang or tie your bunting at either end.

    10. Do just that – hang your bunting, then stand back and admire!

    If you don’t fancy giving it a go yourself then why not contact me and I can make it for you!

    Happy bunting