Go-cco crazy for you


    This range came to life after I was inspired by a friend who had just received a Gocco machine from a friend in Japan, followed by doing an evening course to learn more about the Gocco technique. This is one of my premium ranges which involves creating a screen which I then use to hand pull with screen printing ink every time, so all marks are unique and totally handmade. Once I have drawn the design I then burn it onto an A6 sized screen with a Japanese print Gocco machine using gocco bulbs – this process is expensive, but works well for the fine lines of my illustration style, as the bulbs and screen can not be used again and all supplies are from Japan or USA as they are not available in the UK. Gocco originated as a technique in Japan and the machines were sold as toys for children to make New Year cards with their families, and have now unfortunately been discontinued. This ensures that every invite will be extra special as it is made using a technique that is very rare. I like the fact that each illustration then has to be brought to life by hand rather than being printed on a printer.


    All stationery can be personalised with your text and colour scheme, and if you require a specific character or scene that isn’t incorporated in any of the ranges shown then please just let me know as I love new opportunities to sketch and design. There are a range of ink colours and cards/backgrounds to suit you colour scheme so please just let me know if you want more information. As well as my existing range as pictured below I can do custom designs to suit your requests and ideas, this can then be transfered onto invites, menus, stationery and fabric (great for bunting and wedding favours.)


    Due to every card and print being hand pulled please contact me for more information on pricing as quantities and chosen designs will strongly affect this range. Samples are available for £2.50 which will be taken off the price of your order if you decide to go ahead with choosing us for your invites.