The original design in this range was for my very own invites, as I love sketching wedding dresses but wanted to keep my invites generic so as not to give away my dress design before the big day. I decided not to add detail to the faces so that you don’t need to give too much away about your big day and your design apsirations, there are several designs to choose from to get a close comparison to your style without giving everything away. My love of textiles and patterns is also incorporated into these illustrations to add a bit of colour and added personality, which can be chosen to match your wedding theme.


    All stationery can be personalised with your text and colour scheme, please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about  standard options.  If you require a specific dress design or pose that isn’t incorporated in any of the standard ranges then please just let me know as I love new opportunities to sketch and design. My favourite commissions involve love stories, how couples met or quirky themes and ideas that are incorporated into a theme, for my own wedding everybody was requested to wear a hat, and all the handmade flowers were in tea pots for a loose mad hatters tea party theme!


    Please contact me for a more information on pricing as quantities and chosen designs will affect the price. As a guideline a standard invite range with customised text on the front and blank inside will cost approx £2.00 per invite for 50-100 invites, with a variation of prices dependent on quantity, additional text and inserts inside. Alternatively if you want to buy an anonymity card for the bride or groom the existing range is £3.50 each with personalised text or £7.50+ for a customised design/illustration dependent on the request.

    Even if you’re not the bride or groom, you can choose an illustrative print to commemorate their special day, or as a present to your bride-to-be or groom-to-be in the wedding colours for just £20.00 for an existing design in any colour scheme, or £30.00 for depicting a particular scene personalised/bespoke illustration.

    Feel free to contact me requesting a price list or with any ideas/requests you would like to discuss.