Room decorations

You choose your venue for a reason, and we turned down viewing every other venue after we’d seen the first one as it was perfect for us. So, why not make your venue even more perfect with your own handmade decorations:


Looking for a fun way to brighten up your room/venue? Then why not choose a bit of bunting as a great way to bring your colour scheme together and add a bit of charm. All our bunting is eco-friendly and made from high quality fabric with bias binding so it can be used and re-used and you could even put it up in your own home or garden as a long term reminder of your wedding day. Each flag is double sided with gorgeous fabric so it can be hung to look good from both sides. You could even use the same bunting for your engagement party as your wedding day and get double the joy out of it.

Mini bunting is also available, it can be added to the top table (or any table) around chairs, or the cake table. Alternatively, if you would prefer to save some money and do it yourself then please contact us about bunting kits.

Pom poms

Add a burst of colour above your tables, the dance floor or just to hide the ceiling colour (we had white pom poms to hide the terracota ceiling/walls in our wedding venue.) They delicately hang from invisible wire and can float above the room to add an extra layer of calm. There is the option to hang them singularly or in groups at the same or varying heights depending on the affect required.


Table decorations

As well as table flowers we can make other table decorations to suit you… We also have standard yet quirky table plans that can be adapted to suit your theme, or if you have an idea of your own we can work with you to come up with an innovative and new idea that you and your guests will remember.

Outdoor decorations

If you have a gazebo or outdoor area we can create mini bunting, or decoration to hang from trees…

Pew/church decorations

Please see our page on flowers to see the types of decorations we can make to brighten up any church…

Seat decorations