Pom poms

    These are a great way to add some delicate yet striking decorations to your room, they come in a range of colours and are a great way to transform a room and make it your own and add some interest to ceilings, or even cover them up if you’re not keen on the colour. ¬†Alternatively you can create a feature corner or area by hanging them together on a wall or over a table, and they would make a perfect backdrop for photos.

    Unless we fit out your venue for you our pompoms arrived folded with clear unfolding instructions and clear thread for you and your wedding helpers, my bridesmaids and I spent the day before our wedding sat in the bar fluffing pom poms which was a great build up to the special day.

    They are available in different sizes from mini pompoms to hang on your tables or even in your car to large pompoms that will stand out in any room. Please send me a message through the contact page if you would like to discuss pompom requirements. We also make felt hearts which can be added to the pom poms to create more variation or help in taller rooms.