Wedding favours

Wedding favours could be anything from a handmade biscuit to a paperbag to choose your own sweets and can be generic or specifically designed and made to match your wedding invites/theme or you can just buy favours without using any of our other services. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few suggestions for wedding favours which we are more than happy to discuss with you but if you have other ideas in mind then please do not hesitate to get in contact as this is the fun bit for your guests to take away as a momento…


We’re all used to having calendars that run from January to December, or for the school year but why not set your own calendar year from the day of your wedding. Desktop calendars would make a unique and individual wedding favour that is practical and pretty at the same time and every desk it sits on will remind the viewer of you and your special day.


We had an array of favours at our own wedding, but as it was loosely based on a mad hatter’s tea party theme I made a selection of felt biscuits to put with each cup from a bourbons to custard creams. I decided that I wanted to make a use for them though so I made them into magnets to brighten up people’s fridges, radiators and random places and make them smile.



In case you hadn’t noticed from most of my website, I love to draw, so why not choose a selection of postcards to combine and give to your guests as favours which they can then post or keep and frame. They can also be used for your guests to fill in and add to your guestbook or in a handmade post box if you prefer.


Practical for use at the wedding reception, and perfect to keep and re-use


Biscuits, jam




If you want to save money and make your own favours such as biscuits, or an arrangement of sweets for your guests to choose their own then we can just make the packaging to fit in with your required style. Whether that be a paper sweet bag stamped or screenprinted to match your invites, or a handmade drawstring bag for each biscuit please just drop us a line. Alternatively if you have a theme such as summer or gardens we could make seed packets,  which could also be carried through in invites, table plans etc.