You may have picked your main colour for the big day, which may be based on a theme such as summer or related to your personality such as bold or quiet, or even inspired by a place or city, but have you thought of secondary colours to compliment it? If not then here are a few combinations to consider…

Warm, summery and firey colours are perfect for brightening any time of year – lemon, orange, red

Feeling bold, yet want to remain with your feet on the ground – red…aqua…grey

Blue has to be my fave colour, so this nautical theme makes me smile – royal blue… aqua… white

I’m not entirely sure why but this reminds me of a hatbox, perfect for a wedding – pistachio…navy… rose pink

This is the perfect colour combination for a level of sophistication – navy… pink…¬†fuchsia

Pretty in pink… fuscia… cranberry… strawberry milkshake

Summer for me has to be bright and vibrant colours – fuschia… apple green… sage

Spring reminds me of everything coming to life, and bright colours – apple green… lemon… lime

This reminds me of ice-cream… peach… strawberry… vanilla

This was actually the colours of my school uniform, but think it’s a great fresh yet sophisticated palette – lemon… mushroom… stone

Winter reminds me of calming colours with a bit of sparkle, this could be translated as calming naturals with silvers or golds and a punch of bright red – naturals… charcoal… red

Perfect pastels, pink and blue a marriage made in heaven – aqua… fuschia… stone

Another more subdued colour combination – apple green… stone… rose pink

Keep yourself well and truly grounded with these forest colours – chocolate, sage and mint green

Deep reds and purples remind me of autumn berries – blackberry… plum… olive

These colours remind me of the ballet for some reason – lavender… plum… rose

This reminds me of my mum’s wedding colours – tangerine… peach… plum

I could carry on forever listing colour combinations but in essence whatever colour combination you choose, have fun with it and please feel free to send us pics of your colourful big day! If you have a colour in mind and want some suggestions of combinations then please send us a message.